Letter to My Seventeen Year Old Self

Hey guys, I have a guest post today. The post is created by Amber Taube. Amber has a blog of her own; you can check it out here. Anyways I hope you enjoy this post!



I love this blog, and I love this writer because she is 17, y’all. And she has decided, at this time in her life when everyone is telling her she can have and be anything she wants, to live for God. I can’t help but pray that she will keep penning these words for His glory, and that I will continue to get this little glimpse into her life as His plans unfold before her.


As I approach my 27th birthday, I look back on the last ten years and marvel over all I have learned and how I have grown. My 27 year-old-self looks just about nothing like the youth of years past, and not just because I have 3 babies under my belt and the stretch marks that come with them. I have changed because God has been gracious to work His way in my life beyond any dream I had ever conjured in the days I scribbled names in notebooks and browsed the internet for potential careers.


I’ve matured, married, and become a mom and missionary. But mostly, I’ve been molded by the hands that created me which so graciously continue their work on me. In the bending, in the being re-made again and again, I’ve learned a few things. If I could go back and give my teeny bopper self (you can say things like that when you’re my age, y’know) some words of wisdom, I have a few things I would say. I hope you’ll be touched and challenged by this “Letter to My-17-Year-Old-Self.”


Dear Young Me,


I’m writing you from ten years down the road you’re walking now. Life hasn’t been easy but it has been blessed. I write you this to encourage you to keep the faith and following God. I have some things I want to share with you. I know I can’t change anything but maybe some looker on will see some wisdom in these simple lessons.


Make plans, but only tentatively, knowing the Lord will likely change them. I promise, you’ll be glad He did. Make progress and strive for change, but allow God to do the heavy lifting. You have big dreams in your heart, but they’re too big for you. Even when the dreams are good and the work is fulfilling, they’re heavy and can be a burden. You need Jesus. As much as you want to, you can’t do everything and you sure can’t save the world. Thankfully, He’s already done that job.


Devote yourself, first, to God before any other relationships or commitments. Trust God to build your tribe, adding and taking as He sees fit for your personal growth and peripheral influence. Know that devotion to Christ, though admirable, is not always inclusive and inviting to those that prefer to remain on the fringes. It’s OK to be weird or a little radical in your pursuit of God, though you may lose some friends along the way. God will bring the people into your life that will encourage and build you up as you seek to please Him. And the seasons in between, you will learn of the sweetness and love of Christ in a way you would never have otherwise. And you’ll be thankful for these times that left you vulnerable and aching for the Vine.


Make room in your heart and life for a man of God that will lead you, and then let Him. While the world screams that you don’t need a man, and you can do everything he can do but better, trust me when I say you’ll be happy to buck that social norm when God gives you that person. Don’t look for Mr. Right or some materialized checklist, but instead open your heart and mind to a man striving for God who has given his heart fully over to Him. It might scare you to set your life up with a sold out servant blazing forward for God, but the ride will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. You will look back in awe of all the great things the Lord has allowed you to see. That being said, don’t build your life on or around a man but on the God loved you before you were born and has pursued your heart every day since. Don’t find your identity in your relationship status but in daily communion with your Heavenly father. A husband is not promised, but God’s presence is.


Seek God first, desiring fruit for Him and work for His kingdom, and He will fulfill your heart’s desires. The good gifts He gives may look nothing like what you even thought you wanted. As you grow closer to the Lord, and your desires start to look more like His, you’ll see that He is providing and thrilling your soul with the wonderful gifts only He could know you need.


Labor to bear fruit for God, but realize that your worth lies not in your work but in your position as a child of God. You are saved by His grace. Nothing you can do can make Him love you more or less. You will learn, with time, just how empowering this truth is. I only wish it wouldn’t take you so long.


With all that and so much more, enjoy this blessed life God has given you. In the good times and bad, the Lord is good and ever near. Thrive in that truth and see great things happen. God loves you more than you can understand right now, but you’ll get glimpses as you go.


Old(er) Me



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