My Top 5 Post of 2016

Happy New Year! Today I wanted to share my top 5 blog post with a short summary.

  1. From Darkness Into Light
    This post is probably my favorite. Being a light in this world was on my heart a lot last year and still is. So, if light is your word of the year check it out!
  2. Finding Purpose
    Many people believe they do not have a purpose in this life. They feel God cannot use them because they are to broken, ordinary, or young. Well what ever your reason is. God has a purpose for you. You will find it in His perfect timing!
  3. Summer Playlist
    If you are wishing it was summer again (Same!) then here is last years summer playlist.
  4. Truths Behind Gossiping
    Gossiping has been a major struggle. It really bothered me a lot last year. This is a reminder of why gossiping is not so good.
  5. 5 of My Favorite Verses
    This post just shows my top 5 verses and what they mean to me.


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