Fruit of the Spirit Challenge: Joy

We are on week two of the Fruit of the spirit challenge. If you are new and would like to join, week one is here. The challenge will have one verse a day to memorize and live by, we will have one devotional, and a few different challanges to complete throughout the week.


Since I recently made a devotional on joy the link will be here. I made it a few weeks ago so there is not much to add to it. I hope you enjoy it.

Memorize one verse a day and reflect that verse into your life. Memorizing a verse is just knowing the verse and reflecting it is much more useful. If you reflect it into your life, it will have you grow into who God wants you to be.
1. 1 Peter 1:6
2. Psalms 37:4
3. Romans 8:18
4. Psalms 4:7
5. James 1:2-4
6. Romans 12:12
7. John 15:9-11

Remember you do not have to do these in any special order.
1. Each morning pray to God asking Him to bring you joy
2. Each day find 2 things to be thankful for (Try to make them unique)
3. Write down a verse about joy.
4. When you have a bad day try to find at least one thing good in it.
5. Each day find something about yourself to love rather than to hate (Better if it is inner appearance, but outer is okay to.)
6. Try to bring joy to someone elses day.
7. With each verse you memorize try to live by it.


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