Praying For Your Future Husband

Praying for your future husband is really important. I have been told that nearly my whole life. (I finally realized that I should last year after being told for many years of course.) But what do we pray about him for? Like what do you say? There are so many ways to pray for him.

When I pray for him, I love to pray that his night or day goes well,
because terrible days are just terrible. (obviously!) I also always pray that he grows in Christ or if he does not know Christ he will find Him. 2 Corinthians 6:14 says “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteous and wicked have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” I also love to tell God to tell him I love him (I know it is weird but I am weird so it is fine.)  Now I am going to list other prayer ideas about your future man. 😉

List of Prayer Ideas:
1. Pray for his day
2. His spiritual growth
3. Pray that you will be the wife he needs
4. Pray for patience as you wait for him
5. Pray for purity
6. Pray that you will meet in Gods perfect timing
7. Pray he will listen to the Lord
8. Pray for his strength
9. His emotional and physical health
10. Pray he will be a good father
11. Pray that you will love each other deeply
12. Pray for commitment
13. Pray for a God centered relationship
14. Pray he will have wisdom in Gods word.
15. Pray he will have a kind heart
16. Pray he will be a spiritual leader for your family
17. Pray he will make wise choices
18. Pray he will be a hard worker
19. Pray he will be surrendered with godly company
20. Pray that he will stay from temptations
21. Pray he will trust God in every moment of his life
22. Pray for his family
23. Pray for his church
24. Pray that he will forgive those who he needs to forgive
25. Pray he will be the man God intended for him to be
26. Pray he will be humble
27. Pray he will be patient
28. Pray that he will be a man of prayer
29. Pray for his career
30. Pray for your future together

So now that you have some ideas but you want to make a routine out of it how about you try a 30 day challenge and use one of the ideas above a day, use your own, or do all together. Another great way is to write down your prayer and put it somewhere you will see it and remember (My favorite way).

My prayer for my future husband:

Dear Lord,

I come to you today to talk about someone very important to me although I may not have even met him yet. Keep our hearts pure. Have us to keep you the center of our relationship. Have our home to be built on wisdom and not foolishness. Have us to remember you are worth more than money so it will not rule over us. Have us to know our callings. Have him to have courageous faith. Help him through his struggles and battles. Have us to build each other up. Have him to be obedient. Have his faith to continually grow. Have him to cast his burdens on you. Have our children to love and follow you. Have him to be calm and gentle when needed. Protect him. Have our desires and the wrong people not ruin us. Have me to be the wife he needs. Have us to love each other the way we should. Have us work through our fights.


I do not use that prayer every time. I use it for the most part but I do like to change it up a lot. Also who ever your husband happens to be just remember that he will not be perfect. We all have flaws. 



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