Unashamed by Jessie Minassian Review

I first saw Unashamed last year. I just had to buy it. When I first saw Unashamed, the cover is basically what got me into it. The cover shows a girl with all these different sins written on her face and she is washing them off. It describes the book so well.

One of the many reasons I would recommend this book is because the women who wrote it talks about her own secret sins. She reminds you, you are not alone. But do not find comfort in your sins instead over come them. Even the Christians who seem to be perfect have their own sins that are nasty.

One of my favorite quotes in this book is “We need to unclutter our hearts if we want His Presence to have power in our lives.” Basically that quote is saying if you want to feel the Lords presence, you need to get rid of the wrong in your life (sins).

Another favorite is “You might always face the temptation toward your sins, but those temptations grow weaker the longer you stay clean”  This one is saying you may continually fall into the trap of your sins. But, the more you stay away from them the closer you will get to being free from the sin.

If you have a sin you want to get rid of I really recommend this book. The book is really well thought out and you can defiantly tell she is writing it from the heart. This book has given me confidence and has brought me closer to God.

Jessie Minassian has I do believe two other devotions I have not bought yet. I defiantly do plan on buying them eventually.

At the end of each chapter is a prayer and some discussion questions. This devotion is great for both groups and for personal groups. You can get Unashamed on amazon


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