God Over The World


“Be who God created you to be. Not what the world wants you to be.”

Before I even start this I just want to say we will be scattered everywhere. I have so much to write about this so it may be scattered everywhere but hopefully it will make sense.

So many people try to fit in and be liked by everyone you meet. Honestly, not everyone you meet will like you. I know a lot of people who do not like me, does it bother me? Yes. I have people who I do not exactly like either. Does it bother them? Probably. Is it right? No. Anyways, my point is we all have people we just do not get along with and if all you seek is the attention of people, you will never reach your goals.

There are so many stories in the bible where people did not like someone and it seemed as if the world was targeting that one person. God was there for that person loving them, keeping them going. It may not always seem like God is there but He is working behind the scene.

Just remember do not take your eyes off of God and do not lose faith like in Matthew 14:22-36 (I know this has nothing about the world being against you but it does shows what happens when you lose faith and take your eyes off of God. It is also honestly one of my favorite stories.)   basically what happened if you do not have your bible near. The disciples saw Jesus walking on water but they were afraid and thought he was a ghost. So, Peter told Jesus to have him go on the water with Him. Jesus told him to and He began to walk on the water keeping his faith in Him. Peter then saw the wind and lost his faith and began to fall but Jesus caught him and said, “You have little faith, why did you doubt me?”

Although Peter lost faith and became scared Jesus still was there for him. But he would have never fallen if he did not worry about the world around him. We all tend to do as Peter did, we may not be walking on water but we do lose faith in God when times get tough.

Josephs story is another great one. I am pretty sure everyone has heard it so I am not going to go into detail with it, but if you would like to read it go to Genesis 37- 50. Anyway, Joseph went through a lot. His brothers sold him into slavery, he was imprisoned, and accused of things he did not do. But through it all he did not lose faith in God. God had a plan the whole time for Joseph. Josephs story is proof even if the world is tearing you to pieces God is there to protect you and when others are judging you God is loving you.

Read John 8:2-11 A woman was brought to Jesus and the crowd was judging her for an awful sin she had done. They wanted to throw stones at her. So instead of doing as the others did and judged her in front of a huge crowd, Jesus told them, “Who ever has not sinned can cast the first stone.” Soon after Jesus said that the crowd began to leave and it was just Jesus and that woman. Jesus then told her. “Go, live your life sin free.” Jesus could have just cast a stone at her. He is sin free but He did not.

God is forgiving and caring His opinion is worth more then the worlds opinion of you. It may not always seem like Gods opinion matters but trust me it does. It says in Colossians 3:23-24 NIV (you could use a different version if you would like but I feel like this one is good for understanding this verse.) Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. The Lord will reward you for the works you have done to please Him. Your job is to please the Lord not the world.

Dear Lord,
Teach me to live for You, not the world. I cannot always trust the world to be there for me. But, You Lord, will be there for me forever and always. I want to live to please You. I want to be who You created me to be not what the world wants me to be. Have me to feel your presence and keep my head held high when the world is tearing me apart. 



  1. The worldly ways are very tempting but we must never fall into that trap. It’s only God’s ways that matter. Great reminder. Thank you for sharing.


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